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For moving materials other than debris, try our elephant trunk. It's great for quick, clean, gravity placement of concrete, sand, gravel and liquids. An indenspensable tool for the concrete contractor. Especially useful in difficult-to-access places like form works, foundations, manholes, basements, and dams.


  • Easy-wash plastic funnel (3' x 3' x 2')
  • Built-in steel brackets
  • Tapered base accepts three hose diameters
  • Three different host systems available
  • Collar enables quick hose changes
  • Light duty hose = white PVC
  • Heavy duty hose = blue reinforced PVC
  • Due to the weight of a loaded hose, we recommend a maximum hose length of 25 ft
Standard Hose System
  • Standard funnel
  • 8" plated steel collar with 2 chains
  • 8" Light Duty lay-flat hose
  • 8" Heavy Duty lay-flat hose
  • Single size hose clamp
Large Hose System
  • Standard funnel
  • 12" plated steel collar with 2 chains
  • 12" Light Duty lay-flat hose
  • 12" Heavy Duty lay-flat hose
  • Single size hose clamp
For Standard and Large systems the use of a collar is recommended
For Small system connect hose directly to funnel base with hose clamp
Free freight for orders over 5 systems


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