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Superchute® polyethylene trash chutes are the choice of dealers & contractors nationwide. Superb ease-of-use and durability provide a quick, clean & safe solution. Our chute designs have been perfected to provide you with the right tool for debris removal.

Ideal for:  
  • Builders
  • Roofers
  • Scaffolders
  • Masons
  • Demo Contractors 
  • Supply Houses
  • Rental Stores
  • Renovators

SUPERCHUTES® are tapered yellow plastic tubes that connect together using built-in cable assemblies to form chutes systems up to 200 ft. in length. Top hopper & door sections allows debris to be cleared from any floor level.

SUPERCHUTES® attach quickly & easily to one another. Our range of chute lifts & anchors facilitate installation. A tight fit keeps dust to a minimum. Three linked sections create a 10 foot drop. Six diameters available to better serve you.

Six Chute Diameters
18" 23" 27" 30" 33" 36"
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