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Consider one of our 8 chute hoists for safer, quicker and easier Superchute® installations. They are all engineered, and solve the two obstacles that chute installers face, namely:

1) Hoisting the chute
2) Anchoring the chute to the building


8 Models Available - Only from Superchute® - Patents Pending




1. Bolt Down Frame SC-250-bd Concrete Floor Slab
2. Loadspreader SC-350-w Window
3. Loadspreader SC-600-w Window
4. Hoister-Lite SC-300-cb Window / Pitched or Flat Roof / Floor Slab
5. Hoister-Lite SC-605-cb Window / Flat Roof / Floor Slab
6. Hoister SC-610-cb Window / Flat Roof / Floor Slab
7. Hoister SC-900-cb Window / Flat Roof / Floor Slab
8. Hoister SC-2000-cb Window / Flat Roof / Floor Slab

Understanding the Descriptive Name

"w" indicates that the hoist is for Window use only.
"bd" indicates that the frame is Bolted Down to a concrete floor slab
"cb" indicates that the hoist is Counterbalanced. It can be used from windows, roofs or floor slabs


"Hoister" indicates that this lift & anchor uses the Hoister design.

"SC" indicates that this is a Superchute® product.

"610" means it can lift 610 pounds of chute.

Using a Crane With a Chute Hoist

All of our hoists are designed to work with a crane or boom lift. If you always have a crane on site, you can forego the purchase of the fish pole unit (the removable fish pole unit is used to raise and lower the chute). All hoists have a fish pole unit except for the SC-250-bd.


Counterbalance Weights:

All counterbalanced (cb) hoists use industry standard 55 lb. cast iron painted weights.
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