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airSolution is a Good Smell that eliminates Bad Smells, naturally.

Ecolo Odor Control Systems was formed in 1975 by a solid waste management consulting company to develop natural means of controlling garbage odors. Our airSolution products are:

  • non toxic
  • ozone friendly
  • non - irritating
  • safe to inhale
  • made in Canada from food grade oils and plant extracts
  • delicately scented naturally

  • There are 2 ways to apply airSolution

    1) PUMP SPRAY BOTTLES: 100 ml and 250 ml sizes in a variety of delicate natural scents for the elimination of periodic odors.

    Spray airSolution into the air in kitchens, washrooms, vehicles, musty basements, garden sheds...

    Spray airSolutions directly on odorous objects... carpets, pets, trunks, garbage cans, toilets, showers, ostomy appliances, kitchens, kitchen counters, furniture, fireplaces, vehicles... and let airSolution work.

    Add to cleaning and mopping solutions, to pet shampoos, to carpet cleaning machines, to laundry, to ostomy pouches, to sumps and holding tanks.

    2) SOCKS: A battery-powered whisper-quiet fan dispenses airSolutions continuously to eliminate odors about a month at time in small areas.

    SOCKS eliminates Bad Smells in spaces up to 4,000 cu. ft. (i.e., about the size of a double garage). When you can no longer see airSolution in the cartridge through the viewing window in the dispenser, replace the cartridge and the D-cell together to get another 30 days (approx.) of odor control. Choice of four delicate natural scents: Baby Fresh, Florida Breeze, Southern Breeze and Spring Garden.

    SOCKS works great for basements, crawl spaces, garages, garbage rooms, garden sheds, sick rooms, locker rooms, smoking rooms, pet's quarters, washrooms, RVs, mobile homes, boats ...

    Vehicle and Pet related uses...

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