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To safely clean large volumes of construction debris
directly into containers from buildings of all heights.

Ideal for:

SUPERCHUTE Standard design and New WRAPAROUND sections are tapered yellow plastic tubes, that when connected together with an integral wire rope assembly, form chutes of any length. Use of top hopper and door sections permit the clearance of construction debris at any floor level.

The SUPERCHUTE system attaches quickly and easily to any type of scaffolding, or directly onto any building.

A tight fit keeps dust to a minimum.

3 Sections connected together = 10 feet.

Our hi-tech plastic is manufactured to the highest industry standard ISO 9001 and has outstanding resistance to abrasion, chemicals and cold (-100 degrees C / -156 degrees F). The aircraft cable rope assemblies are rated in excess of 2800 lbs.

The SUPERCHUTE System meets or exceeds C.C.M.C. 12270-R and OSHA 1926-252.

SUPERCHUTE Sections help you to clear debris Faster, More Safely, and More Economically!

Saves Time and Money!

Superchute Products

All Superchute Sections

Standard Design Welded Section

WRAPAROUND design section


Standard design Top Hopper section

Standard design Door section

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For any order over 10 chute sections we can print your name and phone number free of charge!

If available mail us your camera ready artwork

Contacting Superchute: Western U.S. Distributor

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Phone: 1-626-331-3014
FAX: 1-626-339-8047
Write to: Buchanan Company, Inc.
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